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MSI Gaming Laptops, GV, GF, GL, GP, GE, GS, GT, GS - What Do They All Mean?

MSI Gaming Laptops, GV, GF, GL, GP, GE, GS, GT, GS - What Do They All Mean?

GV SeriesGamers on tight budgets should start with the bottom-of-the-barrel MSI GV series.GF SeriesOne step up from the GV Series is the GF Series. GF series brings mobility and aesthetics more accessible than ever before with its thin and light design. Gamers no longer have to make trade-off between value and looks.GL SeriesThe GL family is where performance begins to ramp up.GP SeriesThe GP Series is only a minor step up from the GL. GP & GL series offers the core gaming features from the high-end models, but now available across a wide range of configurations. Every gamer can sure find the level of performance they’re looking for.GE SeriesThis is where we enter the high-end enthusiast range. Aside from delivering maximum performance, from the first series to feature RGB lighting to anodized diamond cut cover, the GE series continuously brings gamers the most β€œbling” to show off their spirit.GS SeriesThe GS laptops are probably the most well-known and popular with readers. These models are designed to be super-thin, super-light, and super-attractive β€” often at the expense of louder fans and more flexible designs. GS series is the combination between mobility, performance, and style. The goal is to pack premium performance within the most thin and light footprint, and a low-profile premium chassis. The extended battery life also adds to the portability aspect, making a great companion on-the-go.GT SeriesThe GT Series consists of MSI's flagship enthusiast offerings with the longest list of features. GT series is the extreme flagship designed to overkill and break any performance status quo. This usually means overclockable processors, top-of-the-line graphics, and cutting-edge features. The series also takes advantage of its beefier form factor to maximize cooling, hence the limitless performance.